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Upgrade to Microsoft Edge to take advantage of the latest features, security updates, and technical support. The Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service is a cloud-based IT management and monitoring service that keeps Microsoft Teams Rooms devices and their peripherals up to date and proactively monitored, supporting an environment optimized for a great user experience.

The Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service is for organizations looking to improve their meeting room experience and rapidly scale their footprint by offering proactive management for Microsoft Teams Rooms devices. The service allows organizations to save time, money, and expertise that would otherwise be spent on « do it yourself » room management.

The Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service is built on a strong foundation of Microsoft’s expertise in software-enabled management of end points, machine learning, and intelligent automation.

The Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service helps organizations deliver a high-quality experience across multiple remote sites and can accommodate any pace of growth an organization might require. Software and machine learning that automates updates, problem detection, problem resolution for Microsoft Teams Rooms. A team of experts who provide 24×7 service operations, tiered support, and incident resolution assistance. Here’s a summary of important features the Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service provides to support the above capabilities.

For the Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service to maintain service quality, enrolled rooms must be Microsoft Teams Rooms supported devices , and you must prepare your environment with all the required Office URLs and IP address ranges fully allowed and reachable by meeting room devices. To learn more, see Prepare your environment in the Microsoft Teams Rooms documentation.

As provider of a managed service, Microsoft needs to work with responsible stakeholders for rooms in your organization to keep rooms healthy and recover from issues. You’re responsible for uncertified devices used in meeting rooms, third-party or custom software that you’ve chosen to deploy in your meeting room devices, and adhering to change management practices recommended by Microsoft. Your organization or a partner contracted by your organization must be prepared to remediate last mile issues detected by the service.

The Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service SOC provides first response and appropriate escalation on tickets raised by the system or by your organization.

Additionally, keep in mind that the Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service SOC will assist IT Operations in your organization and isn’t a replacement for help desk services for your end users. For more details on the Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service support coverage, see Support inclusions and exclusions. The Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium license is available in the following countries with audio-conferencing:. The Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium license is available in the following countries without audio-conferencing:.

The Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service monitors devices, collects device data, and allows Microsoft to remotely access and manage room devices. The Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service doesn’t access the live content of a meeting. Data collected is specific to a room account, not an individual user.

Incidental references to an individual user may be present in the activity log during use of the device. Collected data is processed by Microsoft in accordance with the Microsoft Privacy Statement. Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Download Microsoft Edge More info. Table of contents Exit focus mode. Table of contents. Submit and view feedback for This product This page.

View all page feedback. In this article. Room planning capabilities that allow you to understand your room equipment inventory and make decisions on equipment standards for new room deployments. Room health monitoring that detects problems with the room system and peripherals and provides a proactive incident management response driven by Microsoft.

Management and delivery of application and firmware updates for room systems and their peripherals performed by Microsoft. Escalation on your behalf to other primary vendors when applicable. To learn more, see Customer support. Certified Microsoft Teams Rooms systems and their peripherals.

Surface Hub support coming in the second half of Room inventory tracking with a bulk export option that lists room devices, peripherals, makes, and models. Easy onboarding with self-enrollment of room devices to the Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service. Customer portal for managed service capabilities, insights, administrative settings, and room group management. Application, operating system, peripheral and firmware health monitoring.

Automated incident detection for issues affecting meeting experiences due to issues such as peripheral health. Health overview of the entire room real estate and incidents through the Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service portal. Automated diagnostics and auto-remediation where applicable. Service Now integration for incident coordination. Automated meeting application and firmware update orchestration based on customer configurable deployment rings.

Incidents related to the meeting room app, room devices, and peripherals are included in Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service support. Customer-initiated tickets: 3 business days System-initiated tickets: 15 business days. Issues related to another Microsoft product outside the scope of the Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service are directed to the appropriate support team.

In some cases, you may be responsible for engaging directly with your OEM. Investigation and guidance for Microsoft Teams Rooms Windows configuration including Microsoft Teams Rooms app settings, first-party network configuration, first-party software setup, and recommended power settings and configuration.

Any third-party software configurations and investigations that aren’t directly part of the Microsoft Teams Room app. Also, any OEM-specific configurations that require configuration outside of first-party windows, or Microsoft Teams Room app settings.

Direction to available documentation for room account setup at request. For sign-in or account configuration issues, initial investigation is performed. Execution of recommended remediation or issues with executing recommended remediation, configuration of third-party authentication providers, and configuration of individual-account features.

Initial investigations are performed for certified peripherals such as cameras, microphones, and speakers. Issues that aren’t resolved by applying standard configurations or that involve a third-party application.

All root causes for issues encountered in the meeting room experience are provided when available but are performed on an as-able basis. Investigating issues within the meeting settings on Microsoft Teams Rooms app and guidance for properly configuring Quality of Service on the device is provided at request. Root cause analysis or investigations for call-quality issues or network-related issues are excluded from this scope.

Customers receive guidance to bring their rooms to standards that are recommended by Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service at onboarding. Investigations with respect to in-house custom software images or non-compliant with recommended software version guidance from Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service aren’t in scope.



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The Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium managed services reduces complexity for Teams Rooms administrators by delivering improved room operations. Microsoft Teams Rooms Managed Services provides a complete solution for room management, incident resolution, and room analytics, with recommendations from. Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard is $15 per device per month. What are the benefits of the managed service included in Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium? The managed.