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Teams Room devices can be enrolled and managed by Intune to provide many of the device management and security capabilities available to other. MTRs are essentially meeting room appliances, not a typical Windows 10 machine that an end user uses. The end user has no access to anything.

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In high level what you need is to create an Azure AD group with a dynamic rule. The dynamic rule could be on the displayName but that would require that in the enrollment process that the device is named something that the rule will recognize.

So how do we do that? As MTR devices does not support Autopilot, there are no real automated solution to make sure the device onboard and that it gets a naming standard we want. Here it is important that you use an account where you will be able to consent and say it is ok to create a new Enterprise Application and user in Azure AD.

It will ask you to consent on behalf and what it will do is that it will create an Enterprise Application and create a user. Make sure to be aware that your token will expire days later. Mark the date in your calendar so you will have no surprises. If you somehow canceled the process during the get bulk token you will experience this error code:. Now this error really does not make sense, and this was what we were experiencing. We went into the portal of Azure AD and changed the setting, and everything finally went smoothly.

Because there is no protection whatsoever, if you do not do that. If Windows Hello for business is configured tenant wide, you will be prompted to setup your pin while logging on to the device. You can prohibit that by deactivating it tenant wide. Playing around with provisioning packages can be a great experience if you know how. I hope that this article helped you along on your journey towards using WCD and go straight to the reward — onboarding a device.

View profile. Sune Thomsen. Lars Lohmann Blem. Thomas Frederiksen. Michael Nielsen. Henning Hofflund. Martin Vittrup Henriksen. Go to mindcore. How to enroll Microsoft teams rooms devices into Intune. Return to our Tech Blog. Introduction I recently was tasked to enroll Microsoft teams rooms device into Intune as the customer needed compliance policy to allow the device to communicate to cloud service.

This blog post can be your missing piece of the puzzle. Read along. Why you ask? Press create when you are happy with the result. No primary user assigned to the device. Compliance to make sure it can reach out to the cloud services. Great success Summary Playing around with provisioning packages can be a great experience if you know how.

Happy testing! Share this post. Table of Contents. Search blog posts. Linkedin Youtube Twitter. Linkedin Twitter. Infrastructure architect with focus on Modern Workplace and Microsoft security. Microsoft specialist with focus on Sentinel and security. Infrastructure architect with focus on design, implementation, migration and consolidation.

Infrastructure consultant with focus on cloud solutions in Office and Azure. Check for supported hardware here. Not recommended Some devices to have Wifi built in to them, but its always best to cable them into the network via Ethernet.

You may also wish to enable remote Powershell if you want to remotely run commands on the MTR — although generally speaking this isnt recommended as you can run PowerShell commands on the MTR from the Intune portal.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Search Search for:. Welcome to part 3 of managing Microsoft Teams room devices within Intune. Should I create configuration profiles for my MTRs?

What are the recommended profiles to configure for an MTR? Administrative Templates Yes — Although I would not recommend this. Certificates Yes — if required within your environment. Windows Information Protection Not recommended Once you have selected the template you wish to configure give the template a meaningful name Configure the profile Assign the profile to your MTR device group and click create.

Click OK to save the changes.


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– Microsoft teams rooms devices intune – microsoft teams rooms devices intune

During the enrollment, a new account will be created.