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7 tips for video call interview success on Microsoft Teams – Taylor Hopkinson

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So, it goes without saying that preparation is your key to success. Do your research, make sure you understand the role, and find ways to evidence how your experience aligns with the role. Call Email. Renewable Energy Jobs. With an increasingly mobile global workforce, video interviews are becoming commonplace.

So here are our 7 top tips to help you own your video interview. Switch your phone off, close windows to block out any outdoor noise, and lock the door if needed — we all know distracting our kids can be! Find a simple, neutral background and ensure that your shot is well-lit. Adjust the lighting if required once the shot is set up. Ensure you have a strong internet connection. Make sure you have Microsoft Teams downloaded onto your computer, and familiarise yourself with the system.

Research the company and decide what is appropriate to wear. Avoid patterns or distracting jewellery and ties. Opt for simple, softer colours and dress fully — not just from the waist up! This will help you to psychologically feel ready for the interview. Have a pen and paper to hand for any questions that spring to mind or any key details you want to note down.

Also make sure you have a glass of water to hand — interviews can be thirsty work! Raise your camera to head level to avoid looking down on the interviewer and to make it more natural — use a laptop stand, or a pile of books.

Within Microsoft Teams, turn off the box that shows you, this avoids distraction and too much self-consciousness and allows you to focus more fully on the interviewer and the questions. Once set up, check again for lighting — coming from in front of you. If you wear glasses, try to position the lighting to remove any unwanted glare. This is a really important step.

Test your setup. Do a dummy interview using Microsoft Teams with a friend. You can record it and watch it back to identify any adjustments you need to make.

Test the audio, the video and internet speed. You also have the ability to record meetings to watch back. As in any interview, human bias can creep in which can skew perceptions of candidates. Aspects such as the decorations or assumed living conditions could leave an unfair impression of the candidate.

The advantage that Teams gives the candidates is to blur their backgrounds completely if not in a professional setting. One of the best things about using Teams is the continued collaboration between hiring staff after the interview. Many organisations work in Teams all day and therefore continue the exchange of thoughts and review of candidates within the platform. Best practice is to set up one channel within Teams to keep all information in one place. This allows subsequent interviews to be set up quickly and easily.

One-way virtual interviews commonly see the candidate recording their video answers to specific, standardized questions on screen with timed responses.

ROOM enables the seamless inviting and pre-screening of candidates with video, text, multiple choice or ratings-based assessments. Now integrated into Teams, the power of automated interviews, evaluation and collaboration for employers is further amplified.

One of the most important advantages to using a hybrid platform is that this method allows for a more inclusive and objective first step for candidates, before moving to the direct interaction with hiring managers.

Skills assessments and standardized questions for video responses allow candidates to rank on the quality of their responses alone. After completing the one-way interview and assessment, all responses are first evaluated by the fair video analytics and speech to text capabilities of Azure Cognitive Services within ROOM.

ROOM is truly focused on equitable outcomes that increase diversity of candidates. The platform offers a number of inclusive intelligent features to address unconscious bias.

Video only appears for a recruiter after a candidate is shortlisted or rejected based on their score. Through the Teams integration, ROOM is added to any channel so all these results are received immediately by multiple reviewers. Reviewers can then quickly collaborate and evaluate candidates with others in real-time. The candidate profile is therefore always up-to-date and easily accessible in the future as part of the more holistic talent pool for reconsideration or benchmarking.

These powerful enhancements lead to another important advantage of one-way interviews: helping to hire at scale. For organizations who wish to hire multiple employees for specific roles like gig workers, labour-hire or event staff; this method can be a phenomenal way to pre-screen suitable candidates quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. All candidates are measured on a level playing field and can be assessed and interviewed in a much shorter timescale.

Employers can create or pin key assessments, invite candidates and review their responses all in one tab. Automated responses to candidates are then also available at the click of a button to progress or reject applicants. All of these features are also extremely powerful for educational institutions in selections for university and college applicants. For candidates there are also a number of major benefits to one-way interviews and assessments through ROOM.

A key advantage is that interviewees also have the option to play back and review their responses. Unlike in a live interview, where answers can be regrettable later, candidates are able to re-record guilt-free.

At the beginning of the interview, employers are also able to personalize interviews and assessments with their own video recordings. Candidates can receive a message from their potential hiring managers, teams or even CEOs, making the process more relaxed. Candidates then receive guidance through a supportive pre-interview check for video resolution and sound.

Upon completion of the interview, candidates immediately receive notification via email with another personalized message. One way interviews are a powerful first or second step in the hiring process. However, typically they are not enough by themselves to make a hiring decision. Once several candidates are screened and assessed, it is always best to have an interviewer or a team speak to the candidate directly over a virtual call.


Job interview using microsoft teams – job interview using microsoft teams

With Microsoft Teams, you have the tools to interview anyone, anywhere. And because the browser version of Teams is free, your interviewees don’t have to. Dress as you normally would for a face-to-face interview. Research the company and decide what is appropriate to wear. · Avoid patterns or.


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