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Clicking the Back button in the same screen moves those spread out images back into a sta ck format. When drawing a marquee, click and drag the cursor so it draws a rectangle over all the images you need.

Blue check marks appear in all those that are selected. As your image collection grows, you can further refine a search, or just what’s displayed in the main window, by selecting different dates from the calendar that’s posted on the right-hand side of the screen. You can also create a new event in the media window. Click the Add Event tab at the bottom of the page, then drag those images you’d like into the new event to the right-hand side bin.

Give it a proper name, check the date, and click OK. Elements’ People mode is really all about using face recognition, an algorithm that analyzes images in the background as they are imported into the Organizer for the f irst time. If it detects a face in an image, it presents it as a circular thumbnail in the main People window. If it thinks that there are several of the same person in the import, these will be automatically stacked like a deck of cards.

You can view the results in the UnNamed panel. Every image will appear with the label Add Name underneath the thumbnail to be gin with. If you recognize the person depicted, click in the Add Name field and type in the name.

As soon as you click the check symbol to the right of the field to lock it in, the thumbnail stack d isappears. This is the People window—you can let Elements run through your image collection to identify images with people in them automatically.

It works really well—but it will also make mistakes, so some curation is usually necessary to get it lookin g perfect. Where’s it gone? Click into the Named window and there you’ll see the newly named stack. Hover the cursor over the stack and you’ll see the words Faces or Photos appear. Click Photos to reveal the full image in which the face was detected, or click Faces to reveal just the face or faces in t hat group.

Elements’ People window will find images of your friends—but it also finds every image that looks like a face, including pictures in posters and abstract backgrounds. These can easily be discounted by right-clicking the icon and choosing Don’t show Again. As soon as an image gets a proper name, it’s automatically moved into the Named tab and stacks with similarly named images.

For those of us that prefer to identify our images based on the content, and specifically on the people depicted in the files, you’ll find the People feature v ery handy. Organizing your people: Like the keywords feature, the People feature, shown in this screenshot, allows you to subdivide your found faces into smaller categories, or groups, as seen on the right-hand side of the screen.

Like most organizational tools in Elements, you can choose to work simply by adopting just keywords, or maybe the ratings, or you can use a combination of everything covered in this section to create a sophisticated and deep searchable database.

The best advice is to make up your mind regarding which way is best for you before you start; that way, you can streamline your workload from day one rather than having to go back over everything that’s been imported into the Organizer because you changed your mind about how to organize you r images.

You can merge one stack into another simply by click-dragging one file over another. You can further refine the sort process by adding stacks to groups—such as Family. As with most Elements features, there’s no limit to the number of groups you can have. If you discover an ‘inappropriate’ face in the stack, and right-click the Faces icon, and choose Not You can also use this pop-out menu to assign that image as a profile photo this is the default top of the stack.

Finally, there’s the Don’t Show Again command, which hides that image from ever appearing in the people view again. Some newer models can also record digital negative RAW files. We’ll look at these later in thi s chapter. These are processed in-camera and then compressed squashed to maximize storage space, before being saved to the mem ory card. RAW files are usually bit files that have little or no processing applied in-camera, and they are not compressed before being saved to the memory card.

Though shooting in the RAW format is recommended, you’ll find that your camera’s files are quite different to RAW files from other camera models. Sony RAW files use the suffix. Here’s a view of a Canon RAW file displayed in a browser window. It has the. CR2 suffix common to all Cano n cameras. Although each camera manufacturer shares the same three-letter suffix across all of its camera range, RAW files produced by different models are quite different to each other that is, RAW files from the Nikon D are different to the Nikon D, D, and D RAW files.

This is why it takes companies such as Adobe several months to provide an update for the different RAW file types designed for each new camera make and model. If you are an early adopter, waiting for Adobe to catch up and release a compatibility update can be a source of fr ustration. Once edited in this space, a RAW file must be either closed there’s no saving with RAW files — it automatically records all the edits applied to it , or it can be saved in a more universally acceptable file format for storage, backup, or later dist ribution.

But what’s the difference between these formats and when would be the best situation to use them? Choosing the right format to save your edited work is an important decision because it can have direct ramifications on both final image quality and your backup and archiving practices.

Physical file sizes: To illustrate the different properties of image files, I saved the same photo in six different file formats. Because JPEGs are compressible, its saved state is considerably smaller than everything else, hence its popularity in social media, the web, and emailing.

Compressed to the maximum the smallest saved file size , reduces it to only KB – less than one megabyte — but that compression level would seriously damage the quality. Despite my original Canon. CR2 RAW file being The curious term Bit depth relates to the amount of color information held in an im age file.

The higher the bit depth in a file, the more color information it contains; and more information produces significantly smoother tonal gradation, which in turn produces a nicer-looking and more realist ic image.

Single-bit color is made up of two colors only—black and white – rarely used in photography other than in the creation of masks – 8-bit color produces tones, which was considered an acceptable number for the photograph – until, that is, bit color came along and produced No need to count them, they just look good.

Top-of-the-range cameras can now record bit and files. Too much compression? The close-up of this bespectacled gentleman displays the problems over-compressing JPEG files, at left, will create. Don’t get me wrong—JPEG files are great because they can be compressed. However, if they are squashed too much that is, set to level 7 or lower in the JPEG Options box , you’ll see a significant deterioration in image clarity and color the left half of this composite image was set to Quality : 0 , producing a ti ny file.

Too much compression, or repeated saving and therefore repeated compression , will generate ugly image artifacts , for example, in the form of posterization banding seen mostly in the smoother tones.

Over-compression will also create inaccurate color, and might even introduce blocky-looking pixels when compared to the minimal compression level 12 setting, as seen on the right of the illustration above, producing a larger saved file but with smoother, more accur ate tones. These include the following:. While a software-driven data backup is a good procedure to set up for all users, it might not back up your Photoshop Elements catalog.

And even if it did, it wouldn’t be in a format that Elements can recognize, should you need to restore it after a softwa re mishap. Back up the catalog: It’s important to ensure that your backed-up catalog is saved to a location different to where the default catalog is stored.

For most, this mea ns saving it to a different drive — in the screenshot above, there are five different drives available f or backup. If you purchase a RAID drive multiple hard drives in one box , you can program it to back up once to each drive, essentially giving you two complete backups in one operation, so if one drive fails, you still have a second copy to use.

What’s actually inside the catalog? Although Elements’ backup process can be a lifesaver, it’s not the same as a regular Windows or Mac operating system backup.

With Elements, the backed up files are referenced in a completely different way to those that are copied to a different hard drive — which is why if you open the Elements backup file, everything appears scrambled, as you see here.

However, if you reinstate the catalog via the correct process, everything reappears in perf ect order. The files’ proper names are reinstated once a Catalog Restore function is completed. Generally, we only access an Elements backup if the original has been co mpromised and we need to restore the entire catalogs contents. In an emergency, you can still open the Backup folder and pull out images, if need be.

Make sure that the location of the backup is not on the local drive—put it on an external drive. Elements insists on a full backup to begin with, then a partial backup if you are just updating work as you go. Cameras, all monitors, and most printers can display only a limited range of colors — this is called the color space.

Most color spaces correctly claim to encompass a broader range of color than sRGB. While this is certainly true, actually being able to see an increase in the range of colors with one of these wider-ranging spaces, on both a computer screen and in print, is a characteristic that’s hard to evaluate because most screens and printers cannot recreate the number of colors captured by the camera regardless of what color space it was re corded in.

I think the best practice for amateur photographers is to choose sRGB. This matches the range of colors that most monitors can display.

Plus it matches the gamut, or range, of most consumer photo inkjet printers. That said, some commercial lithographic print businesses now require files to be Adobe RGB in order to match the high-end print machines they use.

If you are considering a move to commercial photography, then Adobe RGB is the best color space setting. That said, a good color pre-press business sh ould also be able to make these space conversions for you, for a fee. Adobe RGB versus sRGB Color space: Camera menus tend to be somewhat different from each other—refer to the camera manual to find the option of color space in the me nu setup.

For many, the fact that sRGB has a smaller range of colors makes no difference—it’s only when asked to reproduce very specific colors for example, in a catalog that you need to consider spaces such as Adobe RGB Keep it current: Elements is fully compatible with most RAW file formats, provided that your software is up to date. This normally works perfectly but occasionally it doesn’t load the latest software update. You’ll notice this when trying to open a RAW file from a new camera.

Elements will state that it  » If that fails, go to the Adobe site and follow the prompts to download the update and install it manually. It’s a sad fact that all image editing is virtually worthless if the monitor on which you make all your creative decisions doesn’t actually represent the correct color, brightness, and contrast ac curately.

Color management—the process of making sure that what you see onscreen is both accurate to life and will be correctly reproduced online and in print—is, I think, an unnecessarily complex operation.

Although Elements’ calibration is not nearly as controllable as that found in Photoshop CC, it’s presented in a reasonably easy format that should work well in most situations. And if you are sending your work into a commercial print environment, you can always let them handle the finer complexities of color reproduction, which allows you to pay more attention to the editing process. What you’ll find in the program’s Color Settings dialog box are four simple questions:. Essentially, this means that if you choose to ignore any color management, Elements will discard existing color space settings, but if you choose to optimize colors, the color range will be kept within the existing sRGB co lor range.

If you go for the printing option, it would be best to set AdobeRGB in your camera. Another important technique for ensuring that what you see onscreen is accurate is to calibrate your monitor with a hardware calibratio n device. These third-party sensors plug into the USB outlet on the computer and hang over the screen. If the screen is different to the known value for these colors, the software adjusts the brightness and color to make it display correctly.

On occasion I’d get a message suggesting I’m using a trial copy. On exit it noted there was an update. OK – I expect that. I did this twice. The errors suggested the turn off my anti virus software and firewall and run again. I returned the software. Thank you Amazon for a great return policy. Works great. I had been using Photoshop Elements version 10 for many years. But after upgrading my Mac, I could no longer use it because version 10 is a bit app and the latest macOS only supports bit apps.

So I bought version as a replacement. Adobe made some changes to the UI over the years that I don’t like – like the fact that I can no longer turn off the workspace background – but the app works and it wasn’t a major learning curve moving from version Upgrading issues aside, Photoshop Elements remains a great photo editor at a great price. It does everything I require and I suspect everything most non-professional users require, and at a price far far less than a Creative Cloud subscription.

The listing does NOT say what the system requirements are. After getting it, discovered it will NOT work on my computer. Check before you buy!!! It’s not so complicated. It is my first time using photo shop and I can modify basic stuff already. Went to Adobe’s site. Not helpful. Will try to call tech support next week. Since I wrote this review, I figured out a way to install. I dragged the install folder off the disc to the Desktop of my iMac and let it copy the folder content for a few minutes.

Then I could run the install app and everything installed and is working fine. Goff on November 7, I’ve used Photoshop elements for over 6 years it’s always been great. This particular version is the best yet. High quality and the ability to edit photos is fantastic.

The different levels of difficulty enable you to learn as fast or slow as you want. One feature that’s unexpected is the batch mode. I can take a folder of 10 or 20 pictures and automatically reduce them all to a few hundred kilobytes each so that they can be emailed. Yes, I recommend it. Ok, I bought the CD. Place in drive, press the install button and after that type in a code provided in bold print on a card in the box.

It goes directly to the Adobe website, create an account? Provide the e’mail address, etc. If I were in charge of this program I would fire the IT mgr. Read a couple of other reviews to see if you want to purchase the CD version! I have yet to actually run the program. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Called Amazon. Said to call Manufacture but gave « NIS » phone number. Found Adobe chat, took about 45 min for them to get it working.

I used PSE6 for years and loved it. Adobe has a lot more features than the Free photo apps, so I will persevere. I’m usually very good with software, but I find this one very challenging. The Quick workspace features an adjustments panel that lets you tackle Exposure, Color and Sharpen issues in a few click. For example in the Color section a grid of nine preview thumbnails display how the shot will look if you click on any of them.

You can fine-tune the adjustments with a slider. The Guided Edit workspace helps image-editing novices perform a range of practical or creative photo fixes by taking them step-by-step through range of tools and techniques.

It will also let you drop in a more interesting sky to overcome disappointing weather conditions. It will even change the colors and tones of the landscape to match the transplanted sky – creating a more convincing composite image. Another new Guided Edit is the Duotone Effect. Indeed it will also crop your shot to suit the square shape of an Instagram post before you tint it using a one-click duotone preset. Here you can continue to work on the image using a more comprehensive collection of tools and adjust properties such as layers and masks created during the Guided Edit.

When shooting multiple subjects – such as a family portrait- it can be a challenge to get everyone looking at the lens at the same time. This is a more useful tool than some of the older Adjust Facial Features commands, such as the ability to change the shape of the eyes or lips. Download Adobe Photoshop Elements , Search.

Download installers of Adobe Photoshop Elements and Read before you download. You can use the installer files to install Photoshop Elements on your computer and then use it as full or trial version.

You need your Photoshop Elements serial number to use the full version of the product. Need help finding your serial number? Sign in to My Adobe to find serial numbers for registered products. Or, see Find the serial number for your Elements product.



Download Adobe Photoshop Elements | , .Download Adobe Photoshop Elements | ,

The best method is the one that you are going to remember. Me dia backup As we expand our image and media collection, we’ll not only need large capacity hard drives, adobe photoshop elements 2021 also data backups. Really Adobe?? You can then search for files in this context, images that are displaying X number of stars. But coming up in the next chapter, you’ll find a heap of great information about adding a range of basic and easy edits to images—all of which can produce brilliant results: dealing with RAW files, saving files, cropping, straightening, lightening, darkening, and a great deal more. In their attempt to keep people from stealing their product they have made it adobe photoshop elements 2021 to access.


Adobe photoshop elements 2021 –


Managing thousands of images while producing perfectly edited results is now a подробнее на этой странице skill for online bloggers, influencers, vloggers, social media users, and photography enthusiasts. Photoshop Elements helps you to manage this easily and boost your creative output.

Each chapter is designed to help you get the most out of your image files in an easy way. The book is filled with useful instructions to 20211 you seamlessly through the often complex processes, tools, and features in Photoshop Elements. By the end of this Photoshop Elements book, you’ll have learned how to leverage the impressive tools available in Photoshop Elementsand use them to greatly improve your photo editing and image retouching adobe photoshop elements 2021.

If you are new to Photoshop Elements, then this is the chapter for you. Here we’ll be looking at how to set up your camera, computer, monitor, adobe photoshop elements 2021 storage, and media backup—all of which are vitally important steps toward developing the perfect editing workflow.

Getting your adoge correct from the outset will enable you to photoshpo straight into the learning process without having to waste lhotoshop renaming files or folders, go looking жмите lost images, or worse, lose materials elemsnts it never occurred elementw you ;hotoshop back up your quickbooks pro 2013 free download desktop files in a timel y fashion.

This chapter also adobe free download cs3 how to import your media, how to back it up safely, plus how to start sorting through the adobe photoshop elements 2021 of images in your collection using a terrific range of organizational tools such as keyword Tags, Star ratings, Events, Adobe photoshop elements 2021, and Pla ces GPS.

And even if you are not new to Elements, take some time here to pohtoshop that your camera settings, screen calibration, photo import, and backup workflow are optimized. You never know, elekents might save you a lot of grief later elemehts. What you’ll learn in this chapter:. Although we take computers much for granted these days, using such adobe photoshop elements 2021 machine to store, process, and edit high-resolution stills and video data requires a totally different set of features compared to a machine that’s only used adobe photoshop elements 2021 web browsing, social media, emailing, or photoshop cs6 download windows 10 64 bit ing music.

Elemwnts the compatibility of Adobe photoshop elements 2021 and Mac computers used to be very minimal, their operating systems are now far more user-friendly, both in the way third-party hardware interacts such as external drives and in that most software is now shared be tween the tw o systems.

Operating system puotoshop : Is there really a difference between running Elements on a Windows or Mac computer? The answer to this question can get you into a lot of hot water, depending on the technical leaning of the person being asked. I have used Windows and Mac desktops and laptops for a long time and find adobe photoshop elements 2021, when photishop images, there’s really no big difference in performance between the two operating systems.

In the early years, Elements was a different application on a Mac because Adobe was in contention with Apple over iPhoto being the default image browserbut that’s all sorted now. Macs are certainly beautifully designed, but provided that you have the same processing power, RAM chips, graphics card, and screen resolution set, you’d be hard-pushed to pick out any real performance difference.

However, you will experience a significant cost difference between the two platforms. Adobe photoshop elements 2021 have always sold at a premium compared to Win dows gear.

An imaging computer needs to elekents a very fast processor the central processing unit CPU. This is the bit that does all the calculations. Elementz computer with one of the latest CPU chips installed will certainly future-proof your investment for several years to come. That said, I don’t advise you to purchase the very latest technology, simply because you’ll pay an absolute premium for it without necessarily gaining a commensurate speed advantage.

Such is the downside of being an earl y adopter. It’s better to buy something 202 is just about to be replaced—which means it might only be five months old—and spend the cash saved on installing additional memory also called random access memory or RAM.

The more memory installed, the adobe photoshop elements 2021 images, увидеть больше clips, and applications you can have running at the same time without the computer visibly struggling.

Currently, screen resolutions are impressively high, with 4K 3, x 2, pixels and now 5K 5, x 2, pixels curved and flat screens becoming the norm. A flat screen is best for epements imaging needs. Curved screens certainly appear tempting but, because of their shape, will never give accurate feedback when trying to adjust characteristics like proportion and perspective.

The size of the screen you have is also partially dictated by the capability of the computer’s graphics card. That said, most pre-installed graphics cards are powerful and easily capable of running a very high-resolution 4K or 5K screen, and in many models, even two screens at the same time. Monitor quality: The adobe photoshop elements 2021 image editing computer monitors are made by Eizo —these have superb edge-to-edge brightness, are easily color- calibrated, come with a hood, and produce reliable, accurate color.

They are expensive, so are only practical if you plan on running a business. If you want to save some money, look at buying a monitor from Dell, Ben-Q, or even LG, three companies that produce pretty good display products that are considerably more phktoshop adobe photoshop elements 2021. Most computers sold off the shelf contain the minimum amount of RAM to keep the cost down. For maximum performance, it pays to top up the RAM, either at the point of purchase, or later, where you might save money buying it from the local computer shop or online.

Increasing the amount of RAM significantly improves computer performance—even in an older computer it can be hugely beneficial—almost giving elemfnts a new lease of подробнее на этой странице note that not all Mac models can be upgraded so check with a profession al first.

If it’s an entry-level video card not suited to a high-resolution output, you might encounter a lot of onscreen flickering, which can be quite afobe.

Check carefully befor e you buy. Small but sweet – SSD drives: For absolute speed freaks, solid state drives SSDs are the best option — both as an internal drive in your Windows or Mac, and also as an external option. Expensive and not as high in capacity as their adobe photoshop elements 2021 SATA drive companions, SSDs are small, light, require no additional power, and are incred ibly fast.

Then there is the very real problem of storage. Most photographers are prolific shooters and, with consumer camera resolutions generally passing the 25 megapixel mark at present, it won’t take long to fill the computer’s hard drive w ith media. My advice is always to use a desktop computer, Windows or Photoshpp, because, though large and bulky, they are significantly cheaper tha n laptops.

Removable desktop hard drives: The device on the left is a adobe photoshop elements 2021 hard drive unit from LaCie the company has a unique Porsche-style design for its products.

A single drive, such as this 6 TB model, 22021 suit most beginners. This offers a mirroring feature, where it backs up two copies of everything, or it can be adobe photoshop elements 2021 for extreme speed if this is needed.

The unit on the right is by a company called Drobo—this is another RAID storage-style drive suited for heavy users. Drobo claim its drives are adobe photoshop elements 2021 smarter than standard RAID drives RAID technology has been around for more than two decadesproviding sophisticated backup for professional image makers and small businesses. The idea behind this type of system is that it is integral to your workflow and can grow with your requirements.

A device such as this is a must if you are 201 your own imaging business. Apart from that, their size notably for Windows PCs permits the addition of further internal hard drives when more storage is needed and even the upgrading of internal components such as video cards and motherboards for improved performance.

Mac desktop computers are a little harder to upgrade internally partly because of their design, and partly because, if you do, you might void your warranty. Desktop hard drives are the perfect way to keep up to date with backups — they are relatively inexpensive for the capacity offered, and if one fills up, it’s easy enough to buy another.

There are a number of excellent devices currently available from Seagate, LaCie, and Western Digital, to na me a few. Best practice is to install just your operating system and adibe applications onto the adoeb hard drive.

Everything else — photos, music, and video — is saved to an external hard drive, or drives. That way, your computer can run at its optimum, while accessing your photo library on an external drive. Once that external drive is full, it’s simple enough to carry adbe with a second, or even a third, external h ard drive. Other software: I appreciate suggesting « other » photo editing software is not a politically correct thing to do in a book written around Photoshop Elements.

But in fact there are photoshhop other adobe photoshop elements 2021 apps on the market that can do certain things, such as HDR high dynamic range image makingfar, far better than Elements.

To give you an idea, three products come to mind that will extend /13928.txt image making capabilities sign ificantly:. Painterly effects – Dynamic Auto Painter by Photsohop diachance. Best plug-in rang e – JixPix. Laptop issues: If pgotoshop absolutely have to use a laptop and a lot of photographers are entirely mobile these days elemets, this is also a good option, although its storage space, computing power CPUand screen size will all be compromised unless you spend a lot of money.

One answer is to buy several external storage drives and a large desktop screen that can be hooked up to the laptop when you are working locally in the hom e office. Laptops are photoshpp to be lightweight and compact, so there’s never much storage space in them for all your files. Typically, we would buy a portable USB-powered hard drive for backups while traveling. Once phhotoshop, it might make better sense to transfer all your work from the USB-powered hard drive to a physically larger desktop drive—these are usually cheaper, have a far greater data capacity, and are mostly more reliable.

As mentioned adobe photoshop elements 2021 Chapter 1Photoshop Elements General Features Overviewwhen images are imported into the Elements Ответ adobe photoshop cs2 key – adobe photoshop cs2 key новость!, they are not physically copied into the application; they are just linked from adobe photoshop elements 2021 place where they are stored typically, this is the Pictures folder to the Organizer.

Should Elements or your computer develop a technical issue and you have to delete and elejents the application, you adobe photoshop elements 2021 need to reinstate the catalog from the приведенная ссылка version, and it automatically re-links all files. Sometimes, it’s necessary to actually point the program to the hard drive where adobe photoshop elements 2021 images are adobe photoshop elements 2021, but as adobe photoshop elements 2021 as not, Elements will search and find every image that was previously linked in the catalog.

It’s a cleve r program. Import: Using the Import button on the top left-hand side in the Organizeryou can bring images, audio, or video clips into the Adkbe Organizer directly using the From Files and Folders option. These files phhotoshop physically reside anywhere — locally, on the computer, or externally on a drive.

There are also options to import files directly from a camera or a card reader, or in bulk from pre-organized folders. The panel on the right-hand side of the main window holds both keyword and metadata information about each file. Because adobe photoshop elements 2021 this linking process, it’s not advisable to rename or move files that have photsohop been imported into Elements.

If files are adobe photoshop elements 2021 or renamed using the Windows Explorer or Mac’s Finder, the next time Elements starts, it will prompt you that the photoehop is missing and immediately start a search for the file. This is fine if the name remains the same, but if it has a new name, it will have to be re-imported. You can leave Elements to complete the search, or do it yourself, if you know where the file was moved to.

How long Elements takes to locate a moved file depends on how big your photo coll ection is. The import process is fast because Elements only copies thumbnails and the metadata essentially aadobe when it forms a link to arobe original files. So, to avoid wasting time photoshol for files that have been renamed or moved after they were imported elemengs the Organizer, it makes sense to sort out the storage hierarchy on elemfnts computer or external drives before importing to the ap plication.

We all have different ways with which to organize our busy adobe photoshop elements 2021 lives. Some prefer to store files by date, others prefer to name everything according to events in their lives. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. The best method is axobe one that you are going to remember. Making albums: In this screenshot, I have created an elementd called Animals. Selecting the album on the left-hand side of the window will display adobe photoshop elements 2021 contents of that album in the main window.

As with most features in Elements, an album can be renamed at any time. The huge advantage of creating albums, apart from enabling you photoshop cs2 windows 10 – cs2 windows 10 easily compartmentalize your work into smaller, more practical collections, is that you can have the same image or images in multiple albums without increasing the space taken up on the stor age drive. Before you import a second batch of images, it makes sense to sort out the first batch, because if you continue to import folder after folder of images, before long, you’ll have thousands displayed in the main screen, and that can get very confusing.

Adobe photoshop elements 2021 imported into the Organizer, you photowhop see exactly where on your hard drives those elemnts files reside through the Folders menu in the left-hand bin. That said, there are basic rules I adobe photoshop elements 2021 suggest that will make the editing process flo w better:.

Auto Curate: Photoshop Elements has a number of quite powerful but often overlooked features — including this one, adobw Auto Curatehighlighted here in red, which picks the top images from the Organizer. The results 22021 surprise you.